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3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1520

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3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1520


Product description

Mount your photopolimeric plate to print cylinders with 3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1520. Our 0.51 mm white, double coated foam tape has the air release feature with easy plate side removal. It is used for high speed printing with fine type reverses and expanded colour gamut.

Get easy plate side removal with our purple E1520. It’s a double coated foam tape with an air release feature adhesive for mounting flexographic print plates to print cylinders. It provides high quality medium combination print. It’s suitable for combination of solid and line with tone reproduction, and fine reverses. After printing, the tape adhesive removes cleanly from the print plate and print cylinder.



  • Mount flexographic print plates to print cylinders
  • Get high quality medium combination print
  • Remove cleanly from print plates and print cylinders
  • Consistent caliper control allows the printer to use multiple foam densities on a print job to optimise print quality
  • Easy Mount liner, has micro-channels in both adhesive surfaces. The crosshatched pattern allows air to escape from between the tape and cylinder/sleeve and between the tape and plate. The productivity is increased, total handling time is reduced and printing defects are eliminated



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457 mm x 23 m