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3M™ Hookit™ Back-up Pad, Hard, IF610Q Type

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3M™ Hookit™ Back-up Pad, Hard, IF610Q Type


  • Easy attachment.
  • Centre hole diameter: 7/8-inches.



Provides a quick change advantage yet produces exceptional finishes on today’s paints. Quick removal and accurate centring with either the compounding or polishing pad with the 3M Hookit Attachment System.


3M Hookit Back-up Pad ensures automotive body shops achieve professional level results while boosting overall shop productivity. The back-up pads deliver on multiple counts including providing a quick-change advantage and producing exceptional finishes on automotive paints. They provide a secure, no-slip attachment, yet allow for easy removal of abrasive discs when necessary. We recommend this pad for producing professional quality finishes on gelcoat and paints. They are part of the 3M Perfect-It system, which delivers enhanced overall finishes with deep colour and gloss. When used with compounding pads, they help to remove defects thoroughly and efficiently, saving time.


The pads provide cushioning support to help smooth and refine an automotive finish. That same support will help polish surfaces to a high gloss. The back-up pad uses the 3M Hookit attachment system for easy replacement of abrasive discs. Simply press on the abrasive disc to get a secure grip, and then peel it away for easy removal. Hookit helps to save time when switching between abrasive grits frequently. It allows removal and reattachment of an abrasive that still has remaining service life – useful when a different grit is needed but the current abrasives on the disc aren’t fully worn out. Simply remove it and reattach later. Hookit ensures the same secure hold – an important advantage compared to pressure sensitive discs where the adhesive may be compromised by dust and air after the disc has been removed.

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100MM X M14