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3M™ Shockwatch Indicators

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3M™ Shockwatch Indicators


A precision impact detection device intended for use on the outside of a shipping carton. Non-mechanical and non-magnetic, it features a tiny liquid filled glass tube housed in a self-adhesive label. If a carton is dropped or otherwise sustains a severe jolt the liquid in the indicator changes from clear to bright red. The indicators are non-resettable giving clear visual evidence in which leg of the delivery chain that the damage was sustained.


The indicators are rated according to the G forces required to trip them;


Green 100 Gs at 50 ms Avionics, AV equipment, Service/repair electronics, Computer equipment, electromechanical equipment, instrumentation/gauges.

Orange 75 Gs at 50 ms Chinaware, Porcelain, Furniture, Glassware

Red 50 Gs at 50 ms Neon signs, Displays, Artworks, Exhibits

Yellow  25 Gs at 50 ms Palletised goods, heavy furniture


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