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Cherry G750A Hand Riveter

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Cherry G750A Hand Riveter


Product details


The Cherry G750A Hand Riveter is a light weight hand hydraulic riveting tool. This industrial tool provides the versatility of a pneumatic-hydraulic riveter but with the lightweight high pull strength ratio desirability no found in other hand riveters.

G750A has a unique 2-stage hydraulic power cylinder that provides the user with the ease of puling the handle without the strain normally endured to install a high strength fastener. The patentable 2-stage power feature allows the user to squeeze the handle through the increase power requirement, without feeling the need to squeeze harder to install the fastener. The G750A hand riveter can install a variety of blind fastener styles, diameters, head configurations and material combinations without changing the pulling head or adjusting the tool. With the standard pulling head it can install CherryMAX® and SST® blind rivets in -4, -5, -6, diameters. It is also capable of installing -8 dia CherryMAX®, -04, -05, -06 dia. MaxiBolt blind bolts or threaded inserts by simply changing the pulling head.



  • Weight 1.9 kg
  • Stroke .750″
  • Pulling Capacity 3800/4400 lbs.
  • Overall Height 6.4″
  • Overall Length 7.5″


Pulling heads

The H9055 series CherryLOCK® ‘A’ pulling heads can be attached to the G750A by utilizing the 750A-117 adapter. The H886 Right Angle Head can be attached to the G750A by use of the 750A-088 adapter.

For -6 diameter aluminum rivets use H9055-6 pulling head with 750A-117 adapter (sold separately).


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Additional information


16 000 rpm


0.50 hp, 375 W


1.30 kg, 2.86 lb


373 mm


113 mm

Air consumption

21.19 cfm

Noise level

73 dBA

Exhaust type


Lever type

Safety lever