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Gesipa 1433950 Flipper Hand Riveter




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Gesipa 1433950 Flipper Hand Riveter


Gesipa 1433950 Flipper Hand Riveter for perfect single-handed applications is a robust and stable riveting tool complete with a spent rivet mandrel container. Single-handed operation allows you to reduce the amount of force needed for riveting by around 40 per cent. In addition, this industrial tool features an ergonomic design because the force increases as the human hand closes – a fact which is exploited to the fullest with its special lever design for installing blind rivets. The jaw mechanism holds the rivet mandrel securely after breaking off, and you can release the mandrel once again by pressing the lever forwards. The long stroke of the tool is also useful for excessively long blind rivets.


Features & Benefits

  • The force increases when the handle is closed. This is made use of via the special arrangement of the lever when setting blind rivets: ergonomic design
  • The required manual force is reduced by around 40 percent if actuated several times. Actuation lever with an opening spring for easy single-handed operation
  • Jaw mechanism with spring reset for safe and automatic mandrel ejection
  • Rivet mandrel collection container can be clipped to the body casing and is easy to empty
  • Larger device lift: a benefit when handling extra long blind rivets
  • Sturdy body casing in high-quality die cast aluminium
  • Sturdy actuation lever made of tempered steel
  • Link pin on anti-twist bearings
  • Ergonomic lever positions and handle design



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Additional information

Total stroke

16.2 mm


0.75 kg

Working range

Blind rivets up to 5 mm Ø aluminium and 4 mm Ø steel and stainless steel

Working range aluminium

5 mm

Working range steel

4 mm

Operating mode


Single action stroke

1.8 mm


19mm x 11 mm