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Orabond® 1325 Transfer Tape

Category: Standard lead time may apply

Orabond® 1325 Transfer Tape is a transparent, pure acrylate adhesive with exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, humidity and solvents. It adheres to a variety of different substrates such as metal, varnish and high energy surfaces.

Orabond® 1325 Transfer Tape Benefits

  • Resistant to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, chemicals, solvents and humidity
  • Durable on metals, varnish and high energy surfaces

Ideal Uses

  • Ideal for use with decorations, signs, front plates and displays that all require a high shear strength and  adhesion strength as well as being temperature resistant
  • This tape is ideal for lamination of rough surfaces

Additional information

Moisture Resistance


Chemical & Solvent Resistance




Interior or Exterior use


Shear Strength

> 1000 h at 23°C & > 72 h at 70°C