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RPET-19 Tape

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RPET-19 Tape


Product description


Our patented RPET-19 Tape is made with 85% recycled plastic sourced from drinks bottles, making it one of the most Eco Friendly plastic tape options currently on the market that is compliant with Plastic Packaging Tax legislation.

By using RPET-19, you will be reducing the volume of the associated waste tape use creates, such as it’s packaging and cores (these are still recyclable too).

This is because Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) has naturally stronger properties than Polypropylene (PP); meaning that we can make RPET’s backing tape 24% thinner than PP, without impacting performance, and be able to fit more on each core, without increasing the roll’s overall dimensions.

This means that length-for-length, RPET creates less core and packaging waste volume, reducing our customer’s waste handling and recycling costs long-term. AND, these tapes can easily retrofit onto existing tape machinery and dispensers without the need for any modification.

And finally, this tape is also boosting efficiency by reducing required storage, reducing delivery frequency, and even reducing downtime through fewer roll changes.



  • Tape specifications: 48mm x 132m
  • Tape Colour: Clear


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48mm x 132mm