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Trumpf TF 350 Power Fastener

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Trumpf TF 350 Power Fastener


Product details


Joining is the simplest and most cost-effective way of connecting two or more metal parts. With the Trumpf TF 350 Power Fastener you can produce a form-fitting connecting element with joints that are easy to reproduce from the material with cold forming. Whether the workpieces are coated or uncoated is irrelevant. The TF350 joins total material thicknesses of 0.8 mm to max. 4 mm. The result is a long-lasting connection in one operation, without additional connecting elements.



  • Straight to the point
    • The connection point is secure and resilient and the joining points are resistant to corrosion.
  • No connecting elements
    • No screws or rivets are used, which saves costs and simplifies handling
  • Perfect surface in one operation
    • The joining quality does not depend on whether surfaces are coated or uncoated.
  • 120 joining points per minute
    • Simple single stroke activation with consistent strength and connection quality.


Suggested Applications

  • Joining ducts
  • Up to three parts can be connected together, even if the sheet thickness varies. For coated sheet metal, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or with intermediate layers such as adhesive and plastic mats.
  • Joining frame profiles
  • For joining connection flanges on ventilation and heating ducts.


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TF 350 Power Fastener2


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Additional information

Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/MM squared

3.5 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, steel 600 N/MM squared

2.5 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, aluminium up to 250 N/MM squared

4 mm

Minimum sheet thickness

0.8 mm

Maximum joining force


Minimum stroke rate

2 hertz

Minimum edge spacing

58 mm

Maximum edge spacing

58 mm

Maximum flange height (B)

36 mm

Nominal power consumption

1700 W

Weight without cable

8.3 kg