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Trumpf TPC 165 Panel Cutter

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Trumpf TPC 165 Panel Cutter


Product details


With the Trumpf TPC 165 Panel Cutter, you can cut sandwich panels up to a thickness of 165 mm. The insertion mechanism of the blade enables the production of accurate, perpendicular interior cut-outs and notches. All of this can be done in just one operation. The machine is ready for operation without pre-settings. Simply select the correct blade position and begin cutting. The TPC 165 can cut panels regardless of whether the surface is flat, trapezoidal or corrugated.

With TPC 165, you can produce precise interior cut-outs and notches effortlessly. This is possible in one operation, without the need to turn the panels. Clearly visible cutting markings ensure accurate cuts all along the cutting line. Additional table markings on the machine provide useful reference points for the blade insertion position.



  • Perpendicular cuts
    • Swivelling 90° blade, well-suited for perpendicular cut-outs with a depth of up to 165 mm.
  • Up to four metres per minute
    • You can cut the upper and lower sheets in one operation, without the need for reworking.
  • Compact and light
    • Weighs just 9.6 kg and is based on a sheet design that is both stable and light.


Suggested Applications

  • Flat sandwich panels
  • Corrugated sandwich panels
  • Trapezoidal sandwich panels up to 165 mm deep
  • Roof panels. Steel or aluminium surface. Insulation material: polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate foam. For panel thicknesses of up to 165 mm.


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TPC 165 2


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Additional information

Maximum panel thickness

165 mm

Maximum individual material thickness for steel up to 400 N/MM squared

0.9 mm

Insulation material

Polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate foam

Smallest possible opening by piercing

340 mm x 340 mm

Working speed

4 m/min

Cutting track width

4 mm

Nominal power consumption

1400 W

Weight without cable

9.6 kg