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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 7246-2 Epoxy Adhesive FST

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SKU: 7246-2

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 7246-2 Epoxy Adhesive FST

3M 7246-2 Epoxy Adhesive FST is a new high performance that offers a unique compliance to fire, smoke and toxicity, helping to simplify the manufacturing process of the aircraft interior.

3M has developed what it believes to be the world’s first two part structural epoxy adhesive to meet aerospace fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) standards (when tested standalone) without the need for additional treatments or surface coatings. The adhesive meets the requirements laid down by FAR 25.853 (a) flaming mode, JAR 25.853 (a) flaming mode and ABD 0031 & AITM 2.0002A as defined by the US flight authorities, European flight authorities and Airbus respectively.


3M 7246-2 Epoxy Adhesive FST is set to substantially simplify many aircraft interior manufacturing tasks by allowing builders to complete assembly and FST compatibility operations in a single step. The versatile product could also replace several different types of conventional adhesive, simplifying stocking requirements and improving productivity.


3M 7246-2 Epoxy Adhesive FST – Is a room-temperature curing structural two-part epoxy paste adhesive system. Its thixotropic, non-sag formulation makes it easy to apply without dripping or deformation. The product is perfect for a wide range of aerospace interior tasks, such as the corner splicing of honeycomb panels, insert bonding and the bonding of tubular ducting.


3M 7246-2 Epoxy Adhesive FST allows completed assemblies to meet FST requirements without additional surface treatment. The product is light tan in colour to match conventional honeycomb skin materials, and can be over painted using the same surface coatings as the panels without leaving unsightly shadows/imperfections.


Compatible with most common aerospace interior substrates including aluminium honeycomb, poly-carbonate, glass/phenolic panels, polyetherimide and polyphenylsulfone, Scotch-Weld adhesive 7246-2 B/A FST is resistant to damage by water, salt spray, jet fuel and mineral oils.



To View The 3M Product Data Sheet, Click Here.

Flexible room temp curing paste adhesive for interiors (FST = fire, smoke, toxity)

  • Two part paste adhesive meeting requirements of FAR/JAR 25.853 and ABD0031
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics to aircraft interior substrates including thermoplastics
  • Availability in duo-pack cartridges or in bulk for machine dispensing
  • Flow control for vertical applications
  • Halogen and heavy metal compound free FST system