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3M™ Cubitron™ 3

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3M™ Cubitron™ 3


Introducing 3M™ Cubitron™ 3 – the next generation of awesome. This new product line uses ground breaking advancements in precision-shaped grain to deliver 3X the performance in life and cut rate than ever before.

Responding to industry requirements for better product productivity, worker safety and sustainability, 3M has developed abrasive wheel technologies that make portable bonded wheels work even faster and last even longer than our current best performing range.

Significantly raising the benchmark for cut rate and product life in heavy grinding and cutting applications. 3M™ have re-engineered precision shaped ceramic triangular grains using proprietary breakthroughs in molecular bonding technology.


There are three types of wheels available:


Cut and Grind Wheels

  • A 3.2mm option for applications requiring a thinner grinding wheel
  • A thinner wheel means faster grinder too
  • Reformulated wheel to composition to offer even better balance and a smoother action while maintaining best in class performance.


Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels

  • +50% longer life vs 3M Cubitron 2
  • +14% faster cut vs 3M Cubitron 2
  • Specific product lines have been introduced where wheel construction and grain type are optimized for applications such as gouging and back grinding where the wheel is used on its edge.


Cut-Off Wheels

  • 3x longer life vs 3M Cubitron 2
  • +10% faster cut vs 3M Cubitron 2
  • A 0.8mm thickness option has been added that offers better speed on thin substrates. A 1.3mm thickness option as a compromise between the speed of a 1.0mm and the life of a 1.6mm.


WheelTypeGradeDiameter (mm)Thickness (mm)Centre Hole (mm)
Depressed Center Grinding Wheels2736+Various722.23
Cut and Grind Wheels2736+VariousVariousVarious
Cut-Off Wheels41 & 4236+, 60+, 80+VariousVariousVarious


For full portfolio of sizes and grades, please contact our team on 01772 703636 or



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Deep Centre Grinding T27 125MM X 7MM X 22.23MM, Cut & Grind T27 115MM X 3.2MM X 22.23MM, Cut & Grind T27 115MM X 4.2MM X 22.23MM, Cut & Grind T27 125MM X 3.2MM X 22.23MM, Cut & Grind T27 125MM X 4.2MM X 22.23MM, Cut-Off T41 115MM X 1MM X 22.23MM, Cut-Off T41 125MM X 1MM X 22.23MM