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3M™ Hookit Disc Pad – Clean Sanding Low Profile

Category: Standard lead time may apply

Use 3M™ Hookit Disc Pad (clean sanding low profile) to securely hold a 3M Hookit Clean Sanding Disc on a random orbital sander.  The disc pads are ideal for efficient flat sanding and especially aggressive operations – when good levelling is needed, use pads with coarser grades. Above all, these versatile disc pads are strong yet flexible. Made from firm density foam with a 35° blunt tapered edge, therefore giving them added durability.

3M™ Hookit Disc Pad Benefits

  • Increases productivity using the 3M Hookit System
  • One piece threaded shank for low vibration and improved balance
  • Durable low profile firm density foam
  • Fast cutting aluminium oxide mineral