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3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3762 LM Q Light Amber

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3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3762 LM


3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3762 LM is a 100% is an economical, fast-setting resin solid hot melt adhesive. It’s designed for general purpose applications as well as manual and corrugated carton sealing and general packaging. When heated to its specified melt point this adhesive forms an aggressive hot tack that bonds to handling strength in seconds to help maintain high-tempo productivity.


  • Aggressive hot tack rapidly achieves handling strength for packaging and other applications
  • Medium open time allows for positioning and fit adjustment
  • Securely bonds difficult to seal substrates such as lightly waxed surfaces
  • Virtually invisible when bonded, eliminating unattractive mechanical fasteners and tape products
  • Bonds to corrugated or paperboard cartons, wood, particle board, chipboard and cushioning foams


Keep Production Flowing


3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3762 LM is formulated to grab and seal quickly to meet the demands of high-volume production settings such as packing, woodworking and assembly. These features increase the speed of carton closures and provide adhesion to wood, paperboard, corrugated and other fibrous substrates. It provides strong shear strength and low peel strength, which means your packages stay sealed and components stay bonded under most conditions.


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Size: 5/8 in x 8 in