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3M™ Protective Coverall 4535

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• Type 5/6 Coverall made from extremely soft, lightweight, yet durable fabric which provides a good barrier to hazardous particles and limited liquid splash
• Special breathable panel hood design combined with large breathable back panels reduce the risk of heat stress in hot environments
• 2-way zip and storm flap with elasticated apertures reduces the risk of skin exposure
• Anti-static coating EN 1149-5 reduces static discharge and the risk of sparks
• Knitted cuffs with elasticated waist and ankles for increased comfort and freedom of movement
3M Protective Coverall 4535 provides a superb balance of comfort and protection. The front is made from a soft non-woven robust 60gsm material, with a microporous laminate for enhanced splash protection, combined with a SMMMS back panel for increased breathability. The 3M Protective Coverall 4535 acts as a barrier to limited liquid splashes and hazardous particles.

Use 3M Protective Coverall 4535 as an excellent barrier to against hazardous dusts and limited liquid splashes with Cat III Type 5/6 Certification. 3M protective coverall 4535 meets a variety of standards for chemical protective clothing including EN 1073-2 Nuclear particulate resistance, EN 1149 Antistatic, EN ISO 13688, Type 6 Liquid Splash EN 13034 and Type 5 Dust EN ISO 13982-1. It’s made with a microporous 60gsm laminate which provides excellent splash protection and features a large breathable SMMMS panel. SMMMS is made with a layer of spunbond on the inner and outer and 3 layer of meltblown material in the middle. The coverall features a distinctive vented panel hood design that’s compatible with complimentary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The 2-way zips and storm flap make dressing easier and reduce the risk of exposure through the zip. The large breathable back panels reduce the risk of heat stress in warm environments. Knitted cuffs, elasticated waist and ankles make the wearer more comfortable and increase freedom of movement, while the low-linting material reduces environmental contamination. This coverall is also coated with Anti-static EN 1149 which reduces static discharge and minimizes the risk of sparks. The 3M protective coverall 4535 offers peace of mind about security and safety when worn, making it an essential addition to a workforce’s resources. Available up to 3XL.