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3M™ VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape 4611F

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3M™ VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape 4611F


VHB 4611f provides excellent temperature resistance when bonding metal parts prior to paint processing with VHB 4611. Furthermore, our tapes bond high surface energy substrates. Firm double-sided, pressure-sensitive tape provides a good bond because it is made of closed-cell acrylic foam with a PE film liner. Handling convenience, cushioning, damping and impact resistance are provided by this tape – due to this it is ideal for bonding panels to metal frames.




This innovative tape can be used to replace rivets and screws, therefore giving applications a sleek look. The  VHB 4611f is a strong tape, both water and moisture resistant, creating a permanent seal. Furthermore, VHB 4611f is of a light weight hence an easy application. We work hard to ensure quality and reliability of products, the VHB tape ranges being no exception. Here at Jeaton we offer a wide variety of VHB tapes and sizes. We can provide custom slitting services to get an exact size for any job you require. Take a look at our tape slitting service or browse our VHB tape range to find out more. It can be used for a wide variety of applications, furthermore easy tear makes the application even easier. As a result, leave the hassle of rivets and screws behind by using this tape.


Benefits include:


Excellent temperature resistance from vhb 4611f when bonding metal parts prior to paint processing.
Firm double-sided, pressure-sensitive, closed-cell acrylic foam tape with a PE film liner.
Easy tear by hand.
Replace mechanical fasteners or liquid adhesives.
High dynamic stress absorption reduces vibration and impact stress.
Creates a permanent seal against water, moisture and more.
Allows the use of thinner, lighter weight and dissimilar materials.


Suggested Applications

Use to bond high surface energy substrates.


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