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ATA SMD30LR Die Grinder




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ATA SMD30LR Die Grinder


Product details


ATA SMD30LR Die Grinder is specifically designed to improve operator control and comfort. Thanks to the motor damping system, these grinders operate at a reduced vibration level giving increased consumable life and efficient stock removal.



  • Unique vibration dampening system
  • Moulded sleeve for improved ergonomics, operator comfort and insulation
  • Ergonomically designed lever construction
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Light weight for operator comfort


Recommended Consumables

  • Tungsten Carbide Burs (up to 12 mm)
  • Mounted points


Suggested Applications

  •  Perfect for precision deburring and finishing.


Click on the image below for ATA Die Grinder Range Brochure

ATA SMD30LR Die Grinder 2

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Additional information


30 000 rpm


0.472 hp, 310 W


0.32 kg


167 mm


35 mm

Air consumption

12.50 cfm

Noise level (dBA)


Standard Collet Size

6 mm

Collet Options

3 mm

Collet Type

CB Type

Exhaust type


Lever type

Safety lever