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Blackrock® Avenger Safety Boot

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Blackrock® Avenger Safety Boot

Blackrock® Avenger Safety Boot is an Anti-static, slip-resistant and fuel oil-resistant boot designed specifically for your comfort of your feet. This boot has a protective toecap which provides up to 200-joule impact resistance. The protective safety midsole provides protection from any objects that may penetrate through underneath the boot. The energy absorbing heel reduces foot, leg and lower back fatigue. This waterproof footwear can be submerged to ankle height without water penetrating inside. Heat resistant outsole can provide resistant up to 300°C Carson Safety Boot is available in various sizes from 6-13 in black colour.


  • Metal free and lightweight for enhanced comfort
  • Composite high impact resistant toecap and midsole for enhanced protection
  • Water resistant action nubuck upper
  • Double density PU shock absorbent, anti-static and fuel oil resistant sole
  • Fully moulded and removable insole
  • Energy absorbing cushioned heel to reduces foot fatigue
  • Wide fitting for added comfort
  • Reflective material on heel
  • Padded collar
  • Safety rating EN20345 S3 SRC



Brand: Blackrock

Size Available: 6-13

Colour Available: Black