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Blackrock® Cut Level 5 PU Coated Gloves

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Blackrock® Cut Level 5 PU Coated Gloves

Blackrock® Cut Level 5PU Coated Gloves is designed specifically for your comfort of your hands. Its improved dexterity is ideal for both wet and dry conditions. The high mechanical strength makes this glove highly durable in tough environments. The PU coated palm and finger provides excellent abrasion and grip in dry conditions. It is ideal for glass handling, automotive, maintenance, construction, tiling and engineering assembly. This glove complies with EN388:2003 Mechanical Hazard Rating: and is available in various sizes from 8-10.



  • PU palm coating for excellent grip
  • Provides highest protection level against cuts
  • High mechanical strength against tough environment
  • EN388:2003 Mechanical Hazard Rating:




Brand: Blackrock

Size Available: 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL

Colour Available: Grey