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Bostik 1782

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Bostik 1782


Bostik 1782 is a clear nitrile based adhesive particularly suited to bonding:

  • vinyls, fabrics, PVC, leather, metal, glass, china, wood and plastics.
  • Dries to form a virtually colourless and non-staining film.
  • Provides a good chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Excellent ageing properties.




BOSTIK 1782 (CLEAR) ADHESIVE has many industrial uses and is particularly suitable for bonding leather, metals, wood, canvas, PVC and other plastics. It is widely used in the manufacture of toys, leather goods, furniture, upholstery, jewellery, many kinds of plastic-ware, etc.


The UK Ministry of Defence quality assurance and release document relating to BOSTIK 1782 (CLEAR) ADHESIVE is AFS 265D.


NOTE: To obtain enhanced bond properties with better resistance to high temperatures, oil, petrol and kerosene (see later) BOSTIK 1782 (CLEAR) ADHESIVE may be used in conjunction with BOSTIKURE D CURING AGENT.


Bostik 1782 Adhesive – Technical Data Sheet