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Jeaton Industrial Shop

Custom Printed Tapes

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Standard lead time may apply

Vinyl or Polypropylene carton sealing tape printed to a custom design.

May be used to advertise company name or brand, give specific handling, storage, and shipping instructions. The tape also adds to package security as retaping an opened box is much harder to disguise.

Virtually any design may be produced subject to a linear length maximum of 427mm and a width of up to 150mm. Colours may be standard or a specified PMS number. The background base of the tapes is clear or white as a standard.

The background colour can also be customised as an optional extra.

Vinyl tapes are available with up to 4 colours in widths from 25mm to 150mm. The tape has excellent visual qualities, sticks extremely well, even in cold ambient temperatures, and unwinds quietly from the roll.

Polypropylene tapes are available with up to 3 colours in widths from 50mm to 150mm. The tape has good visual qualities, sticks very well in normal ambient temperatures; it is noisy when unwound from the roll. Low noise (quiet unwind) Polypropylene tapes are also available.