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Cut Resistant Gloves

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Cut Resistant gloves are used in a wide variety of applications from the glass industry to handling of sheet metal and any other work place where there is a risk of cuts to the hands. Cut Resistant gloves are usually manufactured using Kevlar or Dyneema and incorporate a variety of features including latex or leather coated palms, dot grip palms and fingerless. When selecting a cut resistant glove consider the following requirements:

  1. The level of protection you need as prices vary widely. Generally the more protection you get the less dexterity the glove has.
  2. The level of grip you require, you may require more grip for example when handling glass than you would changing a circular saw blade.
  3. Whether you require the glove to be puncture resistant as well as cut resistant. There are gloves on the market now that are specifically designed for refuse collectors among others who are at risk of a syringe puncturing the glove, as Kevlar and Dyneema gloves are woven they offer no puncture resistance.