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G800CMR Lightweight Hand Riveter

Category: Standard lead time may apply

G800CMR Lightweight Hand Riveter


The G800 hydraulic riveting tool provides the versatility of pneumatic-hydraulic riveter with a lightweight, high pull strength ratio not found in other hand riveters. A proprietary 2 stage hydraulic “intelligent” system switches the tool back and forth between the long stroke and the high power stages, providing very high pulling force with a minimal number of pumps and low hand effort.


The G800 hand riveter can install a variety of blind fastener styles, diameters, head configurations, and material combinations. The G800 with the standard pulling head can install CherryMAX® and SST® blind rivets in -4, -5, -6, diameters, and -05, -06 diameter MAXIBOLT® blind bolts by simply changing the pulling head. The straight pulling head is provided with the tool.

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