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Gesipa 1457665 Taurus 1 Riveter




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Gesipa 1457665 Taurus 1 Riveter


Gesipa 1457665 Taurus 1 Riveter features the unique modular system developed by Gesipa, which keeps the need for stocks of spare parts to a minimum and enables stress-free maintenance, while also providing high setting force in a lightweight tool. Users can therefore customise their Taurus riveting tools to suit the requirements of each application. The wide range of variants offers users a great deal of flexibility. Compressed air is used twice in the Taurus series – once for installing the rivet and again for evacuating the spent mandrel. The riveting tools are also equipped with a switchable suction unit by means of a lockable slide switch. The compressed-air-driven Taurus riveting tools maximise cost-effectiveness while keeping environmental impact to a minimum – a true all-rounder for industry and traders.


Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, Fast Operation
  • Ideal For High Volume Production
  • Optimum use of compressed air ensures maximum efficiency and low operating costs
  • High-performance patented grip mechanism and jaw system
  • Versatile accessory range
  • Nosepiece’s Included



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Additional information


15 mm


1.30 kg

Working range

Blind rivets from 2.4 up to 3.2 mm Ø all materials and up to 4 mm Ø alu/steel (max. mandrel dia. 2.5 mm)

Working range aluminium

4 mm

Working range steel

3.2 mm

Air consumption

1 Litre

Air hose connection

6 mm

Operating mode

Compressed air

Setting stroke

5500 N

Operating pressure (min)

5 bar

Operating pressure (max)

7 bar