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3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Deburring Wheel 9S FIN, SPR 018321A

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Scotch-Brite Deburring Wheel 9S FIN


  • Hard density conformable wheel performs effective burr removal without undercutting the workpiece.
  • Convolute construction keeps the wheel running smooth, producing consistent results.
  • Scotch-Brite non-woven material resists loading and continuously supplies fresh abrasives for continuous cutting action.
  • Resulting finish may negate subsequent conditioning steps.


​When you need an aggressive wheel for a variety of deburring tasks and surfaces, the Scotch-Brite Deburring Wheel is a good place to start. This silicon carbide wheel offers a hard, 11 density rating in both medium and fine grades for light to medium edge deburring on carbon steels, stainless steel, titanium; soft metals such as aluminium, copper and brass; composites, plastics and glass.


Use the hard, aggressive Scotch-Brite Deburring Wheel for a variety of deburring tasks and surfaces. The silicon carbide wheels are of a hard 11 density rating, in medium and fine grades. They are effective in light to medium edge deburring on carbon steels, stainless steel, titanium and soft metals. The convolute and non-woven design of our Scotch-Brite deburring wheels provides a consistent abrasive action over flat or irregular surfaces throughout the entire wheel life. The wheels are hard and durable, making them ideal for deburring stamped or laser cut parts, cleaning or finishing after belt sanding, reducing gouging of the base material. They offer a superior finish, which may eliminate the need for further final finishing steps. They use extra sharp silicon carbide abrasive grain, a synthetic material typically used for low pressure applications such as paint finishing and preparation. Silicon carbide breaks down faster than aluminium oxide, for a finer finish.


The open web material runs cool and resists loading, limiting clogging of the fibres. Together with the continual breakdown of fibres in the web to reveal fresh minerals, this keeps the high cutting performance of the minerals. The result is an extremely long service life. Scotch-Brite industrial abrasives are unique surface conditioning products that comprise of abrasives incorporated into non-woven nylon or synthetic fibres. Combining abrasives with fibres in this way creates an abrasive system that delivers consistent results for the product lifespan. Use Scotch-Brite products to enhance productivity while reducing the need for cleaning chemicals and wire brushes. From aesthetic finishing to weld blending, deburring, and more, they work fast and deliver consistent results, part after part.

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152MM X 25MM X 25.4MM, 203MM X 50MM X 76.2MM