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Scotch® H12 Filament Tape Dispenser

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Scotch® H12 Filament Tape Dispenser


Scotch® H12 Filament Tape Dispenser features a hand brake in the core that allows operator to add tension for tighter box reinforcement and bundling applications. Made from high-impact, durable plastic. Handles filament tapes up to 1 inch (24 mm) wide.



  • Comfortable control and easy one-hand operation for tension aided taping
  • I inch (24mm) maximum tape width capacity
  • Lightweight carton sealing dispenser
  • Box sealing, carton sealing, combining, reinforcing and bundling.

Use H12 for Scotch Filament Tapes up to 1 inch wide, and seal and secure your boxes and packages quickly and easily. Our tape dispenser features easy one-hand operation, and an interior core hand brake allowing the operator to add tension for tighter box reinforcement and secure sealing, as well as tighter tension for bundling applications. It’s built using high impact durable plastic, to withstand rugged work environments and remain light enough for easy portability. The carbon steel blade is recessed for added safety while maintaining the ability to easily cut filament tapes.


Suggested Industries

  • Food and beverage, general industrial, woodworking, metal working, apparel, clothing, paper, print, ecommerce, retail, distribution, personal care and cosmetics.



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