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Small Bubble Wrap

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Small Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap is used by removal companies and packing services due to the amount of protection it provides to fragile items. Bubble wrap is the most used packing material for the protection of belongings and fragile items within the packing industry. It is an easy way to provide protection for small/large heavy items. This prevents items rattling around which prevents the possibility of breakage. Bubble wrap is designed to prevent scratches, breakage and general wear and tear during relocation or storage.


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1500MM X 100M, 1200MM X 100M, 2 X 750MM X 100M, 2400MM X 100M, 3 X 500MM X 100M, 7 X 214MM X 100M, 2 X 600MM X 100M, 1000MM X 100M, 5 X 300MM X 100M