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Trumpf F301 Seam Locker

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Trumpf F301 Seam Locker


Product details


The Trumpf F301 Seam Locker is ideal for closing Pittsburgh lock seams on straight or curved ducts with sheet thicknesses of 0.45 mm – 1 mm for mild steel. There is no need for refitting when processing formed or folded pieces. The adjustment to the sheet thickness is automatic and the forward feed guarantees a consistent and tight fold.



  • Easy to use
    • Close formed or folded pieces without refitting the machine.
  • Flange height and sheet thickness
    • Suitable for flange heights of 8 mm – 11 mm and for sheet thicknesses of 0.45 mm – 1 mm.
  • Excellent process reliability
    • Automatic adjustment to the sheet thickness gives you consistent seam results.
  • Area of application
    • Lock seams on straight and curved ducts.


Suggested Applications

  • For closing Pittsburgh lock seams.
    • On straight or curved ducts with flange heights of 9 mm – 13 mm and sheet thicknesses of 0.75 mm – 1.25 mm for mild steel


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F 301 Seam Locker 1


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Additional information

Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/MM squared (MIN.)

0.45 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/MM squared (MAX.)

1 mm

Flange height (B) with sheet thickness 0.45 - 1.0

8 – 11 mm

Smallest inner radius (performed)

150 mm

Smallest outer radius

300 mm

Working speed

4 m/min – 7 m/min

Nominal power consumption

555 W

Weight without cable

5.2 kg