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3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape 4411G

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SKU: 7000049662

3M™ extreme sealing tape is ideal for outdoor applications as it creates watertight seals and sticks on contact. Furthermore, the tape features an outside coating that can be painted. In other words, it can blend with adjoining surfaces. With a tough sealing to withstands harsh environments, the 3M™ Extreme Sealing tapes are ideal for parapet walls, gutters, metal buildings, vent stacks and windows, downspouts and much more.

3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape 4411G Benefits

  • Sticks on contact with many metals, plastics and other hard-to-stick-to surfaces.
  • Provides an immediate seal with no wait time or oozing associated with liquid sealants.
  • Tough, yet flexible xlear ionomer backing is abrasion-resistant and instantly paintable.
  • Acrylic adhesive provides excellent sealing qualities and good outdoor durability.
  • Can be painted over allowing it to blend seamlessly into the surrounding area whilst retaining the.
  • Ensures a long-lasting seal on a variety of substrates.

Ideal Uses

  • Parapet walls.
  • Gutters.
  • Metal Buildings.
  • Vent stacks.
  • Windows.
  • Downspouts.

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Additional information

Adhesive Type

Very High Bond Acrylic



Tape thickness

0.04” (40 mil)

Tape width


Roll length