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3M™ 255P Hookit™ Abrasive Disc

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3M™ 255P Hookit™ Abrasive Disc


3M™ 255P Hookit™ Abrasive Disc is an Aluminium Oxide abrasive with long life and sustained cutting action. It features an anti-loading coating to extend product working life.



  • Longer life
  • Sustained cutting action
  • Anti-loading coating
  • Use on a variety of surfaces


Use 3M Hookit Paper Disc 255P for intermediate and final sanding of metal, solid or painted surfaces, varnished surfaces and plastic parts. The 255P discs feature an aluminium oxide abrasive with a C weight paper backing, offering good mineral support for a sustained cutting action and longer life. An anti-loading coating helps to extend the working life and gives good results with fine grades on challenging top coats and primers. Hookit abrasive products – with hook-and-loop backing –feature loop material that mates to a backup pad, where tiny hooks firmly engage the loops. Attachment is quick, easy and secure. Use sanding, finishing, and surface conditioning products with 3M Hookit attachment and removal system for an efficient way to work through multi-step finishing processes.


Suggested Applications

  • Use for intermediate and final sanding of metal, solid and painted surfaces.
  • Apply to varnished surfaces and plastic parts.



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150 MM X 80 GRIT