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3M™ Industrial Cleaner Spray

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3M™ Industrial Cleaner Spray


3M™ Industrial Cleaner Spray is a citrus based, ideal for helping dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar, and many non-curing type adhesives. They are a citrus oil based cleaner and contain no petroleum distillates.



  • Dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar and various non-curing adhesives.
  • Get an outstanding fresh citrus scented liquid cleaner.
  • Use for degreasing substrates before adhesive bonding.
  • Removes grease, oil, ink and most adhesives without harsh chemicals or hours of soaking.
  • Can help prepare surfaces for adhesive bonding.


You can use these highly effective cleaners to clean and degrease metal parts, motors, tools, printing presses, concrete, or almost any dirty or greasy surface. It cleans and removes heavy oils, grease, silicone, tar, paraffinic materials such as and wax, labels, stickers, dirt, marker graffiti, gum and other soil and contaminants from a variety of substrates.. After using this heavy-duty cleaner, just wipe away with a shop towel. They are available in both bulk and aerosol. This is the one cleaner you can utilize for many maintenance and cleaning processes.


Suggested Applications

  • Use for dissolving and removing dirt, grease, tar and various non-curing adhesives.



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