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ATA SPM45R Pencil Grinder




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ATA SPM45R Pencil Grinder


Product details


ATA SPM45R Pencil Grinder is perfect for precision deburring and finishing applications. Designed to be used with miniature burs and mounted points they are ideally suited to a range of applications and industries including aerospace, power generation and mould & die.



  • Twist throttle operation that allows continuous use & ease of use for operators
  • Slim body design for intricate work
  • Small diameter facilitates precise control
  • The motor design results in enhanced power and torque
  • Rear exhaust reduces noise exposure for operators
  • Moulded body for improved aesthetics, ergonomics and insulation
  • Removable collet guard allowing easier access to restricted areas



  • Easier and better access to restrictive and tight spaces.
  • Comfortable operation with the slim build and sleek casing giving the perfect handheld fit.
  • High speed results in a finer finish
  • A choice of oil free, air propulsion models to avoid oil contamination on components.
  • Comes with an operating manual which includes eleven languages, installation guide & safety information.


Suggested Applications

  • Turbine manufacture and repair
  • Smoothing and finishing moulds
  • Contouring
  • Hole finishing
  • Deburring



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Additional information


45 000 rpm


0.11 hp (85 W)


0.17 kg


135 mm


22 mm

Air consumption

8 cfm

Noise level (dBA)


Standard collet size

3 mm

Collect type


Collect options

2.34 mm

Exhaust type


Lever type