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Scotch® 69 Electrical Tape

Category: Standard lead time may apply

Scotch® 69 Electrical Tape


  • Glass cloth tape with a high-temperature, thermosetting, silicone adhesive
  • Adhesive provides an increased bond once applied in areas of high ambient temperatures
  • Edge-tear resistant conformable, high-temperature flame resistant
  • For use as a coil cover, anchor, banding and core, layer and crossover insulation
  • Printable
  • UL recognised for continuous use up to 200°C


7.5-mil woven insulating glass cloth tape features thermosetting, pressure-sensitive adhesive to electrically insulate and provide mechanical protection at high temperatures. Scotch 69 Glass Cloth Tape is Class H-356°F (180°C) for high-temperature performance and high mechanical strength. Unsurpassed for banding and strapping applications up to 356°C, Scotch 69 Glass Cloth Tape provides heat-stable insulation and abrasion-resistant protection for furnace and oven controls, motor leads, and switches.


Edge-tear resistant and conformable for use as coil cover, anchor, banding and core, layer and crossover insulation. Its high temperature thermosetting adhesive provides heat-stable insulation, while providing abrasion protection that lasts longer and improves safety to allow the highest quality job. This tape can be imprinted.