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Trumpf N 1000 Nibbler

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 Trumpf N 1000 Nibbler


Product details


The Trumpf N 1000 Nibbler has been specifically designed for use with thick sheets. It is well-suited in particular to use for dismantling tanks and containers. It cuts through doubled sheets as well as bends of up to 90°. You can use this industrial tool for nibbling through sheet thicknesses of up to 10 mm without feed force. It offers non-fatigue operation despite a machine weight of 14.7 kg. The handle can be rotated through 180°, providing perfect guidance of the machine.



  • Perfect cuts with 2-speed motor
    • Choose the right speed according to the material thickness, strength and type of workpiece.
  • Rectangular punch with flexibility for profiles
    • Ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas and for cuts across edges and welding seams.
  • 4 cutting directions
    • The machine can be rotated 360° in 4 steps of 90°.
  • A powerful 2600 watts
    • Powerful motor and sophisticated gearing technology. For outstanding durability.


Suggested Applications

  • Flat sheet 
    • For cutting straight sheets and producing sections from them. For notches, as well as radial and interior cut-outs.
  • Profiles
    • For cutting profiles, cuts across edges and welding seams, as well as for dismantling tanks and containers.
  • Coil Processing
    • For cutting coils, relief cuts and sampling.



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Additional information

Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/MM²

10 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, steel 600 N/MM²

7 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, steel 800 N/MM²

5 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, aluminium up to 250 N/MM²

12 mm

Smallest radius

300 mm

Working speed

1 m/min

Stroke rate at nominal load

230 1/min

Starting hole diameter

75 mm

Nominal power consumption

2600 W

Weight without cable

14.7 kg