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3M™ Roloc™ Fibre Disc 782C

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3M™ Roloc™ Fibre Disc 782C


  • Cuts carbon steel rapidly.
  • 3M Precision Shaped Grain yields higher cut rates.
  • Reduce costs with long lasting abrasive – completes more parts than conventional discs.
  • Durable and tear resistant.



3M Fibre Disc 782C is a fibre disc engineered for an ultra-rapid cut on carbon steel. These discs feature the advanced abrasive technology, 3M Precision Shaped Grain. Their stiff fibre backing and strong resin bond provides durability and tear resistance. These discs are compatible with 3M disc pad face plates and hubs.


Engineered for ultra-rapid cut on carbon steel, 3M Fibre Disc 782C offers outstanding cut, durability, and ease of use. The discs are a major step up in performance over conventional fibre discs. Advanced abrasive technology makes it an excellent choice for tough applications including weld removal, blending and finish refinement. Premium performance tackles carbon steel applications Balance cost and output by selecting the abrasive with precisely the right amount of cut and life. These discs contain Precision Shaped Grain (PSG) to optimise the balance of speed and longevity for many of your carbon steel operations. Disc construction includes a stiff fibre backing and strong resin bond that provide durability and tear resistance, which along with fast cutting abrasive grain enables operators to complete more parts per disc, and requires fewer disc changes.


The exceptional life and cut of 782C make it one of 3M’s best grinding discs for high production environments, providing significant gains over conventional fibre discs. With jobs where a higher-tier fibre disc could be under-utilised, but productivity is still your bottom line, these fibre discs deliver outstanding throughput. They’re an excellent choice for a range of applications including edge chamfering, bevelling, deburring, and weld removal. Step up production with 3M Precision Shaped Grain Developed for improved output on light to heavy stock removal, 3M Precision Shaped Grain lets operators finish tough tasks faster and with less fatigue. Because the grain wears evenly and stays sharp, PSG abrasives last significantly longer than their conventional ceramic counterparts, ensuring extended high performance in production applications.


To accomplish this level of performance, 3M engineers apply proprietary micro replication technology to create precise triangular structures of 3M Ceramic Abrasive Grain, and then electrostatically orient them on the backing to form sharp peaks. These ultra-sharp peaks slice cleanly through metal rather than gouging or ‘ploughing’ as conventional abrasives do, and continuously self-sharpen as the points break off. Tips for optimal use Fibre discs are heavy duty abrasives featuring a tough, stiff backing made from vulcanised fibre that resists wear, and can handle tough grinding applications. For optimal performance, these discs should be used with a back up pad of the appropriate density for the application—a lighter density back up pad for lighter weight grinding applications, and a harder density back up pad for more heavy weight grinding applications.


Using the correct back up pad for the application ensures that the abrasive mineral will re-sharpen, maximising the life of the abrasive. 3M engineered for peak productivity 3M Abrasives engineers know abrasive construction. For more than 100 years 3M has been a leading abrasive supplier for the metalworking and woodworking industries, and offer a complete line of high quality metalworking abrasive solutions to meet your tough jobs. Fibre Disc 782C is designed to enable operators to take production to the next level by completing more work in less time. It is a prime example of how 3M science provides advanced solutions to help industrial businesses operate faster, better and more efficiently.

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115MM X 60 Grit, 125MM X 36 Grit, 125MM X 60 Grit