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Trumpf TKA 1500 Beveller

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Trumpf TKA 1500 Beveller


Product details


The robust Trumpf TKA 1500 beveller creates precisely fitting chamfer lengths of up to 15 mm at angles of 30°, 45° and 60°. The chamfer length can be set as required and without the need for any tools. You can then achieve instant high-quality, repeatable edges without any reworking. With the TKA 1500, you can produce clean visible edges, break sharp edges, apply a radius or prepare a weld seam. The efficient milling process is up to five times faster than competitor processes. Oxidation or deformation of the material is avoided. With an ergonomic guide and motor handle, the machine is unrivalled in its ease of use.



  • Equipped with a powerful and robust 2600 Watt motor for high performance.
  • Chamfer lengths can be set as required without needing any tools.
  • High-quality results with burr- and oxide-free surfaces, dust-free, without material change and at a constant angle adjustment.
  • Bevel lengths up to 15 mm and angles of 30°, 45° and 60° as well as radii
  • Easy set up – Versatile setting of the bevel length without tools
  • Speed can be 10x faster depending on the application
  • Easily replaceable cutters. The standard cutter is reversible four times and the radius cutter can be rotated three times



  • Regular edge quality which provides excellent results without reworking and constant angle settings
  • Very high working speed
  • Work without sparks
  • Compact design, robust machine
  • Handle shape, size, and positioning are perfectly designed to work together
  • Low machine weight


Suggested Applications

  • If you frequently cut long, straight sheets and outer contours, we recommend using the supplied chip protection. Chips then fall to the floor in a way that makes it easy to sweep them up afterwards. By the way, it also increases your work safety.
  • T-beam and flat sheet
  • For inner and outer edges
  • For rounded edges with a radius of 2 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm. For deburring and welding seam preparation.


To see a TKA 1500 application guide, click on image below.

TKA 1500 bevellers

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Additional information

Maximum chamfer length, steel 400 N/MM²

15 mm

Maximum chamfer height, steel 400 N/MM²

10.6 mm

Maximum chamfer length, steel 600 N/MM²

12 mm

Maximum chamfer height, steel 600 N/MM²

8.5 mm

Maximum chamfer length, steel 800 N/MM²

10 mm

Maximum chamfer height, steel 800 N/MM²

7.1 mm

Maximum chamfer length, aluminium 250 N/MM²

15 mm

Maximum chamfer height, aluminium 250 N/MM²

10.6 mm

Smallest inner radius

30 mm

Smallest bore hole

55 mm

Minimum sheet thickness

3 mm + hs

Working speed (Max.)

1.5 m/min

Nominal power consumption

2600 W


679 mm


197 mm


10 kg