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Trumpf TKF 700 Beveller

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Trumpf TKF 700 Beveller


Product details


With the Trumpf TKF 700 Beveller, you can achieve chamfer lengths of up to 7 mm on straight sheets as well as on tubes. The quick-adjustment mechanism makes it easy to change the carrier and cutting direction. The TKF 700 is the lightest model in its class. The machine can be easily guided manually in a vertical, horizontal or upside-down position, or can be used stationary in a work station. The round handle ensures comfortable operation.

TKF 700 has two different cutters to choose from, which you can select and use depending on the strength of the sheets. The standard cutter is excellent for processing aluminium and mild steel up to 400 N/mm2. The high-tensile cutter is ideal for processing high-tensile materials from 600 N/mm2 to 800 N/mm2.



  • Lightweight
    • At just 5.4 kg, the TKF 700 is the lightest and smallest model.
  • The right setting
    • The chamfer height and sheet thickness can be easily adjusted without tools.
  • Ideal for limited spatial conditions
    • You can rotate the cutting direction by 90° to the right or left.
  • 30°, 37.5° or 45°
    • You can choose between three carriers for individual angles of bevel.


Suggested Applications

  • For straight edges and radius edges
    • Welding seam preparation on outer and inner contours. With interior cut-outs from 90 mm in diameter and curved edges with radii from 40 mm.
  • Tubes
    • Welding seam preparation on tubes with an inside diameter from 80 mm.



To see the TKF 700 Technical Data Sheet, click on image below.

TKF 700 beveller 5


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Additional information

Maximum chamfer length, steel 400 N/MM²

7 mm

Maximum chamfer length, steel 600 N/MM²

5.7 mm

Maximum chamfer length, steel 800 N/MM²

4 mm

Smallest radius

40 mm

Working speed

1.5 m/min

Stroke rate at nominal load

815 1/min

Nominal power consumption

1700 W

Sheet thickness

1 mm – 20 mm

Weight with handle, without cable

5.3 kg