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Trumpf TKF 1500 Beveller

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Trumpf TKF 1500 Beveller


Product details


The Trumpf TKF 1500 Beveller is equipped with a powerful 2600 W motor. Integrated hand protection on the motor ensures a high degree of user-friendliness and provides you with safety during operation. The soft grip ensures user-friendly operation with low vibrations. This means you can always expect consistent, oxide-free results. Regardless of whether you are processing straight sheets, T-beams or tubes. The surface roughness remains low.

There are five cutting tools to choose from. This enables you to achieve perfect results across a wide range of applications. The material being processed is the determining factor when it comes to choosing the right cutting tool. The cutting tools can be interchanged without the need for additional tools, and you can regrind these many times over. This results in a long service life and reduces your operating costs.



  • Equipped with a powerful and robust 2600 Watt motor for high performance.
  • Integrated hand protection on the motor provides you with a high degree of safety when working.
  • It is quick and easy to adjust the optimal settings for the chamfer height and sheet thickness.
  • You can use the carrier for various angles between 20° and 55°.


Suggested Applications

  • For straight edges and radius edges – welding seam preparation on outer and inner contours. With interior cut-out diameters from 130 mm. Also for T-beams and double T-beams.
  • Welding seam preparation on tubes with an inside diameter from 30 mm.


To see a TKF 1500 application guide, click on image below.

TKF 1500 bevellers 2


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Additional information

Maximum chamfer length, steel 400 N/MM²

15 mm

Maximum chamfer length, steel 600 N/MM²

9 mm

Maximum chamfer length, steel 800 N/MM²

6 mm

Smallest radius

55 mm

Working speed

2 m/min

Stroke rate at nominal load

370 1/min

Nominal power consumption

2600 W

Sheet thickness

4 mm – 160 mm

Weight with handle, without cable

16.5 kg