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Paper & Print

Jeaton supply many of the leading newspaper titles and print groups globally as their customers need to have the best performing products matched with full process understanding and back up support. We can supply paster tape systems from the traditional V and W pattern splice patterns to the more advanced straight line “detect” splice designs which may be used on fully automated splice preparation equipment. Either way Jeaton understands that splice efficiency is paramount to newsprinters, and we strive to supply and work continuously with our customers to achieve maximum splice effectiveness and ensure printing run time is optimised.


We offer straight line detect and non detect paster tapes from 3M, and offer conventional V and W pattern repulpable tape products from Orafol, 3M and Nitto Denko. Not only that but we can supply all of the ancillary products that are used in the splice preparation process including nose tabs, sensors, bridging tabs etc – the list is endless. There is a reason why discerning newsprint customers buy from Jeaton. We offer the most comprehensive range of products backed with an in depth understanding of the print process.


Paper Mills

Jeaton work with the largest tape manufacturers in the world to supply the fullest range of paster tape products for paper manufacturing. We can supply a wide range of products including double and single sided products for use in the mill process. Jeaton has the exclusive distribution rights to the Orafix tm range of single and double sided tapes products in North America and in specific countries in Europe


Commercial Printing

Processes used for offset or digital colour printing can be some of the most demanding for splicing systems within the industry. However, Jeaton have a strong line up of products to meet industry needs including the renowned Nitto 509 product range which offers the best high temperature adhesion performance in heat set printing processes. Strong adhesive performance in shear of the tape at high temperature in the drying section of the process is paramount to ensure splice breakages do not occur. Jeaton can supply products which are matched for the use of the splicing system that you are deploying – whether this is a flying splice or zero speed splicing system.

Whether you are running offset, flexographic, or digital colour printing processes we can assist you in finding the right splicing solution.


Paper Converting

Paper converting can best be described as processes in which paper is used to fabricate another paper product. For example, this process can be used to produce such products as envelopes, paper bags, boxes, containers, and a full range of similar items. Operations involved in paper converting may also include treating, slitting, sheeting, grooving, punching, and folding. Some operations may also call for perforating, blocking, binding, gluing, and laminating as well.


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