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Sign & Display

Jeaton supply a wide range of Adhesives and Tapes to the signage industry. There are many different variances to consider when selecting the correct product therefore we work with our customers to ensure that the most suitable product is selected to meet your specific requirements.


Some of the main Signage and application processes are detailed below:

  • Shop signs and fascias- Permanent medium duty joining and bonding
  • Light box signs and mounted – 3D letters Sealing and joining
  • Totems and forecourt signage – Critical load bearing bonding
  • Internal lightweight signs – Lightweight bonding or banner hemming
  • Temporary and removable signs – Removable and repositionable attachment


Customer product selection is based upon a mix of factors including; adhesion to substrates, viscosity, colour, processing speed, mechanical properties and environmental conditions. Jeaton recommends that thorough evaluation in actual application conditions should take place prior to final product selection

Factors to consider when selecting the correct product for your application:

  • Substrate : what are the substrates you are attaching?
  • Environment : what is the environment the bond will be applied in?
    • what environment will the bond be subjected to?
  • Application : what is the customer doing with their part?
    • what application characteristics do they need?
  • Load : what stresses will be on the joint, including size and direction


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