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Precision Engineering

Jeaton work with a number of precision engineering companies in supplying specialised products, we can offer high quality bonded abrasive products which will grind, shape and finish all types of materials, across all applications.


We service many market segments including:

  • High Precision Manufacturing and Industry
  • Foundry’s and Castings
  • Steel Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics and Specialities
  • Woodworking
  • Transportation
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Bearings and Gears
  • Building and Construction
  • Energy and Environment
  • Medical


Precision Grinding

Jeaton have technical expertise to ensure that bond and grain formulations are optimised to best suit the technical requests of all precision operations. Our vitrified wheels are available in a variety of shapes, diameters and arbor sizes available from stock or on request. They are intended to maximise your productivity by improving your grinding efficiency and part quality in surface, tool and cutter, ID and cylindrical grinding as well as sharpening applications.

Precision Grinding Applications

  • Tool Grinding
  • Saw Sharpening
  • Surface Grinding
  • External Cylindrical Grinding
  • Internal Cylindrical Grinding
  • Bench and Pedestral Grinding

Abrasives are an integral part of all aspects of manufacturing industries on a daily basis and Jeaton working with our supplier partners continually delivers innovative solutions across major industries.


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