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In today’s transportation vehicle market, consumer preferences and environmental challenges are creating the need for innovation in manufacturing. These trends affect a wide range of fleet and commercial transport vehicles, including cargo and horse trailers, truck boxes, emergency vehicles and rail.


Speciality Vehicles

3M’s science aids in building more competitive vehicles, both more efficiently and cost-effectively. Innovative solutions ranging from adhesives to graphic films. 3M industrial design solutions meet the challenges of light-weighting, noise and vibration issues. Offering a comprehensive range of adhesives, sealants and tapes, 3M provides the commercial speciality vehicle and rail industry with both internal and external joint design solutions for structurally bonding and sealing components. We can turn even the most challenging design ideas into reality with our innovative and quality tapes, adhesives and sealant solutions.

3Ms adhesive technologies offer weight, noise and cost reduction. The diverse offering provides strength, durability, improved aesthetics, and the reduced risk of galvanic corrosion. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, catching a lift to work or delivering time-sensitive shipments, communities are dependent on various modes of transportation. 3M is qualified to meet the unique challenges in each speciality vehicle market segment by offering innovative solutions that will help get your customers to their destination safely and quickly while at the same time increasing productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing facilities.

Bus design and manufacturing are quickly evolving as population growth drives demand for more robust public transportation. Some of the most utilitarian of all vehicles, buses must be built to carry a lot of people quickly, efficiently and safely, yet withstand the wear and tear of extreme use. 3M technologies can help streamline assembly, lower manufacturing costs, dampen noise, eliminate vibrations and improve sustainability. With their wide expanses of the panelling and extensive window areas, buses are prime candidates for 3M’s solutions.

Bus interiors must be able to withstand the daily grind of constant hard use, yet provide enough comfort to make long-distance journeys tolerable. 3M vibration dampening technologies and heat shielding solutions re there to improve comfort, while our protective tapes, laminating adhesives and attachment systems help keep interiors buttoned down for the long haul.



Keeping pace with the rapid changes taking place in rail technology is more difficult than ever. Jeaton can help you stay one step ahead of the changes. As communities strive for more efficient and sustainable mass transit solutions, rail transportation is experiencing a renaissance in cities all over the world. Today’s railway designs are lighter, faster, more aerodynamic and energy-efficient than ever, with lighter weight materials and sleek designs. 3M technologies can maximise manufacturing and operational efficiencies while lowering costs and improving long-term performance. 3M’s science aids in building rolling stock more efficiently, more cost-effective and above all, more competitively. With innovation solutions ranging from adhesives to graphic films, 3M industrial design solutions help to meet the challenge of lightweighting, noise and vibration issues.



New High-Performance VHB Tapes

Laminating tapes provide a thin bond line for improved aesthetics and are available in different formats to aid maximum design flexibility: adhesive transfer tapes (ATT), double-coated tapes (DCT), double-coated tissue and scrim tapes. Vehicle construction process requires laminating adhesives for multiple applications:

  • Noise and vibrations dampening
  • Cushioning and sealing
  • Carpet or flooring bonding
  • Trims attachment
  • Logo / label attachment

Laminating adhesives bond to dissimilar materials. The specialist adhesive families provide varied advantages:

  • Broad working temperature range
  • Good to excellent UV and chemical resistance
  • Low VOC / low fogging
  • Plasticiser resistance
  • Removability and responsibility
  • Die-cut friendly tapes for intricate designs

Whether you are manufacturing or refurbishing in the speciality vehicle or rail industry, with 3M you are buying into over 100 years of expert heritage. Our unrivalled expertise in people and products will help you protect your workforce and realise productivity improvements throughout the manufacturing or refurbishment process.


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