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Cherry G784 Universal Power Riveter

Category: Standard lead time may apply

Cherry G784 Universal Power Riveter


Product details


The Cherry G784 Universal Power Riveter  is a pneumatic hydraulic installation tool designed specifically for the most efficient installation of most diameters and strength levels. It weighs only 8 lbs. and can be operated in any position with one hand.

The G784 has a 7/8″ stroke and generates a minimum of 2600 lbs. of pull on 90 to 110 psi of air pressure at the tool. It will install nearly all diameters of CherryLOCK® rivets up to a half-inch grip. (”A” group only).

This powerful tool has been designed with many ergonomic features: low weight, low recoil, low noise and a comfortable fit in the operator’s hand. With proper adapters and pulling heads this tool can be used to install other types of rivets.



  • Air pressure: 90 to 110 psi (6,2 bar to 7,6 bar)
  • Stroke: 7/8 inch (22,2 mm)
  • Pulling force: 2,600 lbs. (11,57 kN) @ 90 PSI (6,2 bar),
  • Weight: 8 lbs. (3,63 kg)
  • Noise level: 69.7 dB (A)
  • Vibration: less than 2,5 m/s2
  • Air consumption: 0.27 SCF/cycle (7,65 L/cycle)


Pulling Heads

Pulling heads are not furnished with this tool but must be ordered separately. In ordering heads, be sure to specify the shank diameter and head style of the rivets to be installed.

H681 Series pulling heads fit directly on this tool to install both bulbed and standard CherryLOCK® rivets.


To watch the bleeding procedure of G784, click here


To view the instruction manual for G784, click on the image below

G784 rivet gun 2

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