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Adhesive Tape Slitting

In-house Slitting Capabilities



At Jeaton, we provide high quality custom precision and efficient slitting services for non-standard widths and lengths of adhesive tapes. Our team can provide valuable insights and technical guidance, assisting you in selecting the most suitable tape solutions to meet your unique application needs.

Our technologically advanced FCA auto log roll cutting machinery is perfect for cutting acrylic foam, adhesive, single and double coated tapes with a precision of +/-1mm.

Our slitting capability allows you to work outside of standard-sized roll widths (i.e 25mm, 19mm and 12mm), minimum order quantities, excessive waste and extended delivery lead times. As these tapes are designed with your specific applications in mind, it will ensure improvement in productivity, overall efficiency, reduce material waste and optimise productivity. This has achieved significant cost savings within our customers manufacturing processes through savings in material, money, time, resource and overall improvement in productivity.