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Dangerous Goods Packing

Dangerous Goods Packing


At Jeaton, we have the personnel to assist with your dangerous goods packaging, who have practical experience working with airlines, freight forwarders and shippers. We are fully conversant with road, sea and air regulations. We also work with external consultants to fulfil the legal requirements of the DG Packing. Jeaton Group specialises in the supply of UN-approved dangerous goods packing.

Our knowledge of dangerous goods packing ensures that we use the correct hazard labels and accessories, including vermiculite. We can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of dangerous goods shipping; from helping shippers understand regulations to identifying suitable compliant packing.


How did we obtain maximum storage life of temperature sensitive products?

1️⃣ From the moment it leaves the manufacturer monitor the temperature inside the package with a device

2️⃣ Thanks to the temperature-controlled freezer storage at our Preston facility, continue to maintain, monitor and record the temperature (stored at 0 °F (-18 °C) or below)

3️⃣ Have our trained experts in Dangerous Goods Packaging complete re-packing with dry ice and relevant support documents to meet the CAA & IATA approval

4️⃣ Arrange transport at pickup and delivery from warehouse and arrange transportation for the next flight.

With the above steps as well as the dedication of our sales & warehouse teams, we successfully export several dry ice shipments safely and in the shortest time.